What is the Marcham Community Larder?

The charity FareShare and their local partner SOFEA are trying to distribute food parcels to families in need during this crisis. All Saints' Church has been able to register as a distributor and will be collecting and delivering parcels , with the help of the Marcham Volunteer group, to those who need it for the duration of the crisis. Food parcels need to be ordered by 9.30am on a Thursday morning. The boxes will be picked up by our volunteers on a Friday afternoon and delivered direct to your door.

Who is eligible to receive a food parcel?

Anyone who has need within the parish. If there is one adult in the house, a single parcel will be delivered. If there are two or more then the household can have two boxes.

What comes in the food parcel?

This will depend on what the warehouse has in stock. We have no control over it, but a parcel should include a box of perishables and a box of dry goods.

How do I recieve one?

Please complete the online form below and press 'send'. Please also ensure that someone will be in to recieve it on a Friday afternoon.

Do I need to fill in any other paperwork?

Yes. The first time you receive a box you will need to complete a Sofea membership form (see below), though during the Covid-19 crisis the key information is simply your name, address and contact details (highlighted areas). You also need to ensure you have read the privacy policy and Larder Guidelines.

Will I automatically get one each week?

No, you will need to complete this online form each week that you are in need of one.

What if I do not have access to a computer to apply for a box?

Please call Rachel on 07910484936 who will take your details and complete the form for you.

Where do I go for more information?

Please call Rachel, or email community


Food parcel application form (to be completed each time you want a box)

House number & street:
Telephone/ mobile:
Email Address:
Number of adults in the household
Please tick here if this is your first box

What will you do with my data?

This data will be held securely for the purposes of delivering a food parcel to you. Once the parcel is delivered, information entered onto the online form above will be deleted.