Sunday Services

We are running in-person services. Our Sunday services tend to follow a monthly pattern: 

Sunday morning 10am: 
1st Sunday    All age service, led by the all age team with worship and teaching for the whole family - in the Marcham Centre
2nd Sunday   Family Communion
3rd Sunday    Morning Praise, a more informal style service with music group
4th Sunday    Parish Communion, a traditional style service with choir.

For the mornings we are in All Saints we have a fantastic programme for the kids for ages 0–11. Children stay with their grown-up at the start of the morning as we worship (sing songs!) together for the first part of the service. The speaker will make it clear when and where children need to go for their programmes. You will need to go with your children and register them. The kids will have great fun playing games, and learning about God in a way tailored to their age group. One a month Sunday kids have outdoor church when they learn more about God's creation and caring for it. Activities have included using natural materials to make things or making and putting up bird and bat boxes.

Young people of secondary age have a group during the service on 2nd and 4th Sundays. On the 3rd Sunday they remain in the service - often they will participate as well.

After the main service finishes there may be opportunity for prayer otherwise tea, coffee and biscuits will be served at the back of the church. 

Sunday evening 6pm: 
1st Sunday    Holy Communion
2nd Sunday   Evening Prayer
3rd Sunday    Holy Communion
4th Sunday    Evening Prayer

Our evening services tend to be quieter and more traditional than our morning services. They are a good place to reflect on the week just gone and prepare for the week ahead. Please do join us.

5th Sundays  Services on these weeks are variable.

Please note that this is a general pattern. Sometimes services are adjusted to accommodate particular occasions. Please see notice boards for more details. Occasionally we have services somewhere unusual, but you can find out about these in advance by checking out our church calendar and news events.

The church address is:
Church Street
OX13 6N

For those who are unable to walk far, it is possible to drive up the main path to the church door, but you will have to reverse out, so be aware of that before you drive up!

If you have any questions about our Sunday Services or need to get in touch with us about any other enquiry we will be happy to help. Please Contact Us for more information.