Pastoral Care

bereavement photobible-1149924 1920Pastoral care is important to us at All Saints Marcham and St Luke's Garford. Our physical, mental and spiritual well-being can all be affected at different points in our lives. Bereavement, separation, loss of a job, money worries, exam stresses...these are just a few of the life events that can trigger an imbalance in our well-being.

In addition, it's been well-documented how the recent pandemic has triggered or exacerbated difficulties in people's lives. We are not a big church, but we have a caring congregation who look out for each other and their local community.

people-2559723 1920Some individuals have a calling to use their caring nature in the name of the church and choose to become pastoral care volunteers - this might be practical help such as driving people to hospital appointments or spiritual support such as reading the Bible to someone who's sight is impaired. Pastoral Care volunteers need to complete a confidential declaration and complete basic safeguarding online training to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of those they support. If you would like to find out more about being a Pastoral Care volunteer then please email

Children and Vulnerable Adults Pastoral Care Agreement (Nov 2020) (38.0KB) 07/01/2021, Document needing completion by pastoral care volunteers working with children and vulnerable adults
Pastoral Care Volunteer Agreement for All Saints Church (Jan 21) (191.6KB) 07/01/2021, Document needing completion by all Pastoral Care volunteers
Kate Jackson, 07/01/2021