Infant Baptism and Thanksgiving


Here at All Saints' & St. Luke's we are always pleased to be asked to celebrate the birth of children and to welcome young children into God's family. This celebration is sometimes known as "baptism," and sometimes as "christening".

We offer two different services - thanksgiving or baptism - both of which take place in front of the whole congregation on a Sunday. The thanksgiving service is a great way of praying for God's blessing on a child and his/her family. It creates an atmosphere of openness to God but asks for no promises or statements of faith from the child's family. In the baptism service, parents and godparents publicly declare their faith in Jesus and their willingness to bring a child up to know Jesus within the life of the local church.

We ask that parents attend a couple of 'Baptism preparation' sessions before the day so that they can understand what they will be promising and so that we can tailor the service to the child being baptised.

If you are interested in having your child baptised please complete the form below and return it to the Church Office at All Saints' Church, Church Street, OX13 6NP or by email to 

If you'd like to chat more, please contact the Revd. Nick Weldon on 01865 391962 or

More information can also be found on the Church of England website.

Bap18gAdult Baptism

We believe Jesus asks us to get baptised when we decide to follow him. Baptism is the service where those who have come to faith publicly declare themselves to be followers of Jesus Christ and are welcomed into the church. Adult baptisms are usually done by full immersion. For these services we borrow a baptismal pool from a local church. Alternatively you may wish to be baptized at the font.


Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey where those who have been baptised as children make a firm commitment to Christian discipleship.

Through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop, the Church also asks God to give those being confirmed power, through the Holy Spirit, to live the life of discipleship.

If you are an adult enquiring about baptism or are interested in confirmation please contact us directly.